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We’ll help you accept payments from all card types.

How We Can Help

Payment processing is something we all love to set and forget, but it can be so much more. When you work with Direct Payment Group, you get the best of both worlds. We know all of the ins and outs of the payment processing world and are happy to get everything set up for you.


We allow you to accept payments from all major card brands, so your customers always have a way to pay. We can help you set up one time or recurring payments, and anything else you need to make your business model work. We’re all about convenience for you and your customers.


You’ll pay a small percentage of the transaction – a much smaller percentage than working with bigger payment processors. And we’ll work directly with banks to let them know about your business, and prevent issues. If some should come up, we’ll get them solved post haste.


Reach out with questions, or simply tell us “I want that.”