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Do you sometimes ask for card numbers “over the phone”? 

….or ask your customer to just text or email it to you? 

There’s a reason you would feel uneasy sending YOUR card information over that way

….it’s because it leaves that information at risk. 

There are the right ways to ask for (and send) card information. The right ways can offer a feel of professionalism to your customers and lower costs on processing fees. 

The wrong way can lead to a data breach, costing you hundreds in fees and additional hours of notifying your customers, and leading to a damaged reputation. Did I mention you can have your processing account limited or shut down if that happens?

Here's a real life example for how checking
your PCI Score can be working for you:

  • Marcus runs a catering company out of North Carolina where 60% of his order comes from repeat customers. In order to process his customers’ orders faster, he keeps their card information in a file on his desk. His accounting department refers to it any time they need it. 
  • Marcus may be amazing at smoking ribs and mashing potatoes but how he handles his customer’s sensitive information is not PCI Compliant.
  • In just under a week we were able to help Marcus move all that information to a secure invoicing system that keeps his customer’s cards secure and their stomachs full.  
  • Now Marcus is PCI Complaint, protecting himself and his customers and processes at a cheaper rate. 
"We were able to get all our customers' sensitive information out of mine and my staff's hands in just a few days with Direct Payment Group. It's an amazing feeling knowing that we can still offer fast turnaround without risking losing a relationship with our customers in the event their information was breached."
Small Business Owner

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